SET Specification Version 1.0

The SET specification is in three parts (with supplementary material):

Book 1: Business Description This book contains a high-level description of SET and the cryptography it uses. It is intended as an introduction to SET for anyone interested in the processing of payment card transactions on electronic networks. Note: The processing flows provided in Book 1 are illustrative and do not provide a precise description of the message processing, which is provided by Books 2 and 3.
Book 2: Programmer's Guide This book contains a medium-level description of SET and the cryptographic operators it uses. It is intended for use by software and hardware developers who intend to create cardholder, merchant, payment gateway and certificate authority systems.
Book 3: Formal Protocol Specification This book contains a low-level description of SET and the cryptographic operators it uses. It contains the formal protocol definition for SET including the contents of SET messages and the ASN.1 specification of the protocol.

The ASN.1 is also provided in a CR/LF delimited text file.

External Interface Guide This book contains descriptions of the mechanisms used to transport SET messages using HTTP and TCP/IP. It is not a formal part of the SET specification, but is used by most SET-enabled applications.

Note: Microsoft Word files (both Macintosh and Windows formats) were provided by SETCo.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can view the SETCo website as it existed on October 11, 2002: