Majordomo support files

Majordomo is a program that automates the management of Internet mailing lists.
See the Majordomo FAQ for answers to life’s persistent questions.

How To

Virtual lists How to manage lists in multiple domains. This information is known to work with Postfix, but with a little tweaking will probably work with other mailers as well.

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Tony Lewis

List management scripts A Perl script file that can be used to update some common configuration options from the command line. (Of course, my definition of common may be different than yours so feel free to hack this to add support for additional options. In particular, I do not use list digests so the script doesn’t support them either.)

One mostly hidden side effect of using this script is that two additional headers will be added to messages sent to the list: X-SentToList and X-ListOwner. I find these headers useful for identifying when a message in my Inbox was sent to a list and which list it was sent to.

Change History:
July 18, 2003Fixed bug in virtual domain processing (was using empty domain name).
March 22, 2003Made error messages more verbose.
February 1, 2002Updated to support virtual domains.

Installation note: This script requires and listadmin.config. local configuration information for
listadmin.config and the default configuration file (containing default values for Majordomo options not controlled by a Perl script that dumps the list configuration to standard output

Note: I have used these on my Linux system running Postfix. I don't know how much tweaking might be needed to use them on other systems. Let me know if you have any problems.