JavaScript evaluator

This tool provides a form and JavaScript that can be inserted into a web page to provide assistance with debugging problems with JavaScript. The form consists of an input field, three buttons (Evaluate, Show, and Properties) and an output field.

JavaScript expressions can be entered into Expr field; the expression is evaluated when the ENTER key is pressed or the Evaluate button is clicked.

Clicking Show button will copy the output into a new browser window.

If the expression was an object (for example, the output shows “[object]”), the Properties button will show the properties in a new browser window. You can also show the properties using the showProps function; for example by evaluating showProps('document').

This example was inspired by:
  From JavaScript Bible 4th Edition by Danny Goodman
  Copyright 2001 Danny Goodman. All Rights Reserved.



Try it

Here is the evaluator opened in an IFRAME. Note that the content of this IFRAME is in a different domain so you will not have access to the main content window.

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