TDL::Admin and TDL::Error




These files provide administrative control and enhanced error reporting for a website.

TDL::Admin defines the following procedures:
adminReport Provides a detailed report on whether the current user and/or IP qualifies as an administrator.
dumpEnvironment Dumps the CGI environment to the dump directory.
formatCGI Formats the CGI environment as a table and writes the result into an open file.
isAdmin Returns 1 if the current user and/or IP address qualifies as an administrator.
boolean isAdmin()
printEnvironmentFormats the current environment (CGI and parameters) and writes the result into an open file.

TDL::Error defines the following procedures:
error Replacement for carp_error that provides a more detailed error report if the current user or IP is an administrator. The output will contain the offending source line (if a Perl script) and any messages that have been written to the system error log since the script begain processing.
Register Used to register the CGI object created by the script (so that TDL::Error does not need to create its own.

The error reporting works best if you hack your copy of CGI::Carp so that CGI::Carp::fatalsToBrowser is modified as follows:

  print STDOUT "Content-type: text/html\n\n" 
    unless $mod_perl or exists $ENV{TDL};

That change will prevent spurious "Content-type: text/html" output from being emitted by Carp.

Send me reports of any errors or suggestions you have about my Perl scripts.

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