Redirect Site to Page

Many hosting providers provide a mechanism to redirect from one domain to another, but what if you want to redirect the domain to a page on another website?

If you want to see this in action, visit


You want to redirect to


  1. Create a subdomain on (such as “”)

    For example:

    • Open cPanel.
    • Find the Domains section.
    • Click on Subdomains.
    • Enter “myothersite” in the Subdomain field.
    • Choose “” from the Domains dropdown.
    • Enter a document root (such as “/public_html/”) refer to any existing subdomains for the proper directory structure.
    • Click Create.
  2. On the subdomain (, create a .htaccess file in the domain root directory with the following lines:

    • RewriteEngine On
    • RewriteRule (.*) [R=301,L]

    To test the set up, point your browser to and confirm that it redirects to

  3. Use your hosting provider tools to redirect to

    For example if your domain is managed by GoDaddy:

    • Login to GoDaddy.
    • Click on your name and choose Manage Domains from the Quick Links.
    • Click on “” from the list of domains.
    • Scroll down to Additional Settings and click on Manage DNS.
    • Scroll down to Forwarding and click on either “Add” or the pencil icon.
    • Select “http://” from the drop down.
    • Enter “” in text box.
    • Under Forward Type select Permanent (301).
    • Under Settings select Forward only.
    • Click Save.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It usually takes several hours for the changes in Step 3 to propogate throughout the domain name network. Periodically point your browser to to test whether it properly redirects to

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