When My Sugar Walks Down the Street (1924)
(wm) Jimmy McHugh,Gene Austin, Irving Mills (I) Revue The Grab Bag (P) Gene Austin
[Verse 1] I know a thing or two and I’m telling you,
I’ve got a wonderful gal!
She’s got the cutest smile, a million dollar style,
She’s such a wonderful pal.
I just feel so happy ’cause I love her so.
When she is by my side, I’m so filled with pride,
I want the whole world to know:

[Chorus] When my Sugar walks down the street,
All the little birdies go “tweet tweet tweet!”
And in the ev’ning when the sun goes down,
It’s never dark when she’s around
She’s so affectionate and I’ll say this,
That when she kisses me I sure stay kissed!
When my Sugar walks down the street
The little birdies go “tweet tweet tweet!”

[Verse 2] I like my coffee sweet,
Everything I eat must have some sugar on top.
I’m telling you the truth I’ve got the sweetest tooth,
I love a sweet lollipop.
Tell me what is sweeter than a sweet, sweet kiss.
From someone who can be
Oh, so sweet to me, I want you all to know this:
[Repeat Chorus]