Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (1922)
(m) Joe Turner Layton, Jr. (w) Henry Creamer (I) Revue Spice of 1922 (P) Blossom Seeley (RR) 1959 Freddie Cannon
Way down yonder in New Orleans
In the land of dreamy scenes there’s a garden of Eden
That’s what I mean, creole babies with flashing eyes
Softly whisper with tender sighs– Stop!
Oh! won’t you give your lady fair a little smile, Stop!
You bet your life you’ll linger there– a little while
There is heaven right here on earth with those beautiful queens,
Way down yonder in New Orleans.[1]

[Second chorus ending]
They’ve got angels right here on earth
Wearing little blue jeans, way down yonder in New Orleans.