Tender Trap, The (1955)
(m) Jimmy Van Heusen (w) Sammy Cahn (I) Film: The Tender Trap by Frank Sinatra
You see a pair of laughing eyes,
And suddenly you’re sighing sighs.
You’re thinking nothing’s wrong,
You string along, boy, then snap!
Those eyes, those sighs, they’re part of the tender trap.
You’re hand in hand beneath the trees,
And soon there’s music in the breeze.
You’re acting kind of smart until your heart just goes whap!
Those trees, that breeze, they’re part of the tender trap.

Some starry night when her kisses make you tingle,
She’ll hold you tight and you’ll hate yourself for being single.
And all at once it seems so nice,
The folks are throwing shoes and rice.
You hurry to a spot that’s just a dot on the map.
You wonder how it all came about.
It’s too late now, there’s no getting out.
You fell in love. And love is the tender trap.