Take Love Easy (1947)
(wm) Duke Ellington, John Latouche. (P) Ella Fitzgerald. (CR) Lena Horne
When I was just a beginner, a junior executive sinner
My mother took me upon her knee
She said, “You’re talented, dearie”
But, you’re kinda shaky on theory
So she gave me this simple recipe
Which I pass on to you for free

Take love easy, easy, easy, never let your feelings show
Make it breezy, breezy, breezy, easy come, easy go

Never smile too brightly, brightly
When your heart is riding high
Let your heart break, oh so slightly
When your baby says goodbye

Bridge: That well-known flame is mighty hot
As all of us have learned so handle it with velvet gloves
And you won’t get your fingers burned

Take love easy, easy, easy on the free and easy plan
And if you can’t take it easy, take it easy as you can