South (1924)
(m) Thamon Hayes, Bennie Moten (w 1941) Charles Carpenter (P 1928) Bennie Moten Orch. (CR) Edward “Kid” Ory (RR) Maddox Brothers and Rose (from where these lyrics are transcribed)
Down below that old Dixon line there’s a place that really is fine.
Don’t you know what I’m talkin’ about?
You want to find out, then take a trip with me.
Down below that old Dixon line where the sun is happy to shine.
Where a friendly face is common to see
That’s where I’m longin’ to be.

Where the folks are happy and gay
And the easy way is the right way
Where the bees make music all day
Don’t you know you’re right next to heaven down south
Where the moon shines mellow and bright
And the breeze plays tag with the night.
That’s where the sundown gals hold you tight.
Lordy, how I love the south!