Slowpoke (1951)
(wm) Chilton Price, Pee Wee King , Redd Stewart (I) Pee Wee King Band, Redd Stewart, voc. (CR) Arthur Godfrey; Helen O’Connell
You keep me waitin’ till it’s gettin’ aggravatin’
You’re a slowpoke. I wait and worry
But you never seem to hurry, you’re a slowpoke.

Time means nothing to you; I wait and then,
You’re late again. Eight o’clock, nine o’clock, quarter to ten.

Why should I linger everytime you snap your finger,
Little slowpoke?
Why can’t you hasten when you see the time’s a-wastin’?
You’re a slowpoke, dear.

Why should I keep trying to change you; it’s not the thing to do.
I guess I’ll have to learn to be a slowpoke too.