Row, Row, Row (1912)
(w) William Jerome (m) Jimmie V. Monaco (I) Revue Ziegfeld Follies of 1912 by Elizabeth Brice (no relation to Fannie)
[Verse 1] Young Johnnie Jones he had a cute little boat.
And all the girlies he would take for a float.
He had girlies on the shore, sweet little peaches by the score.
But Johnnie was a Weisenheimer you know,
His steady girl was Flo and ev’ry Sunday afternoon
She’d jump in his boat and they would spoon.

[Chorus 1] And then he’d row, row, row
Way up the river he would row, row, row
A hug he’d give her. Then he’d kiss her now and then,
She would tell him when, He’d fool around and fool around
And then they’d kiss again. And then he’d row, row, row
A little further he would row, oh, oh, oh, oh!
Then he’d drop both his oars, take a few more encores,
And then he’d row, row, row.