Rock-A-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody (1918)
(w) Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young (m) Jean Schwartz (I) Musical Sinbad (interpolation) by Al Jolson (CR) Judy Garland
[Chorus] Rock-a-bye your baby with a Dixie melody,
When you croon, croon a tune from the heart of Dixie.
Just hang my cradle, Mammy mine,
Right on that Mason-Dixon line and swing it from Virginia
To Tennessee with all the pull that’s in ya.

“Weep No More, My Lady,” sing that song again for me,
And “Old Black Joe,” [Sing sweet and low]
Just as though you had me on your knee!
A million baby kisses I’ll deliver,
If you will only sing that “Swanee River”!
Rock-a-bye your rock-a-bye baby with a Dixie melody.