Paper Doll (1930)
(wm) Johnny S. Black (P) Tommy Liman (RR) 1943 by The Mills Brothers No. 1 Chart Record
I’m goin’ to buy a paper doll that I can call my own
A doll that other fellows cannot steal
And then the flirty, flirty guys with their flirty, flirty eyes
Will have to flirt with dollies that are real

When I come home at night, she will be waiting
She’ll the truest doll in all this world
I’d rather have a paper doll to call my own
Than have a fickle-minded, real, live girl

I guess I’ve had a million dolls or more
I guess I’ve played the doll game o’er and o’er
I just quarreled with Sue, that’s why I’m blue
She’s gone away and left me just like all dolls do

I tell you boys it’s tough to be alone
And it’s tough to love a doll that’s not your own
I’m through with all of them, I’ll never fall again
Say boy, whatcha gonna do [Chorus]