Ol’ Man River (1927)
(w) Oscar Hammerstein II (m) Jerome Kern (I) Musical: Showboat by Jules Bledsoe & the Chorus (P) Paul Robeson with Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra (RR) 1929 film: Showboat by Jules Bledsoe (RR) 1936 film: Showboat by Paul Robeson (RR) 1946 film: Till the Clouds Roll By by Caleb Peterson. Reprised by Frank Sinatra (RR) 1951 film: Showboat by William Warfield
There’s an old man called the Mississippi
That’s the old man that I wants to be
What does he care if the world’s got trouble?
What does he care if a man is free?

Ol’ man river, dat ol’ man river
He must know sumpin’, but don’t say nothin’
He jes keeps rollin’, he keeps on rollin’ along
He don’t plant ’taters, he don’t plant cotton
An’ dem dat plants ’em is soon forgotten
But ol’ man river, he jes keeps rollin’ along
You an’ me, we sweat and strain
Body all achin’ an’ racked wid pain
“Tote dat barge, lift dat bail!”
Git a little drunk an’ you’ll land in jail
Ah gits weary an’ sick of tryin’
Ah’m tired of livin’ an’ feared of dyin’
But ol’ man river, he jes keeps rollin’ along