Oakland (1965)
(wm) Wayne Pope & The Good Time Washboard III (P) The Good Time Washboard III
Verse: I am sure that you’re aware of famous cities everywhere,
The ones they write about in song and verse.
There are songs about Chicago, London, Paris and St. Paul, Buffalo, Miami, and for God’s sake Beaver Falls. Beaver Falls!
But Tin Pan Alley did us wrong, they never wrote a song
About the greatest city of them all.
Now don’t go ’way; I hope you’ll stay
And hear this song I wrote today:

Chorus: Oakland’s got the Tribune Tower
Oakland’s got Lake Merritt too; she’s got Jack London Square
The Alley Cat is there! The Kaiser Center sticks up everywhere
Where did all the people go when ’Frisco burned?
They all went to Oakland and they never returned.
Right outside the city limits scoots a freeway called the Nimitz.
Of all the pretty cities she’s the leader And don’t forget the tube to Alameda

Well, she’s got pride (PRIDE!), hope (HOPE!)
Oh what a view: Oakland we’re for you
(DON’T MEAN MILPITAS!) Oakland we’re for you