My Sweetheart’s the Man in the Moon (1892)
(wm) James Thornton (I) in vaudeville by Bonnie Thronton (RR) 1941 film The Parson of Panamint by Martha Mears dubbing for Ellen Drew
Chorus 1: My sweetheart’s the man in the moon.
I’m going to marry him soon.
‘Twould fill me with bliss just to give him one kiss.
But I know that a dozen I never would miss.
I’ll go up in a great big balloon
And see my sweetheart in the moon.
Then behind some dark cloud where no one is allowed
I’ll make love to the man in the moon.

Chorus 2: Last night while the stars brightly shone,
He told me through love’s telephone
That when we were wed, he’d go early to bed,
And never stay out with the boys, so he said.
We are going to marry next June.
The wedding takes place in the moon.
A sweet little Venus, we’ll fondle between us
When I wed my old man in the moon.