My Heart Stood Still (1927)
(w) Lorenz Hart (m) Richard Rodgers. (I) English revue: One Dam Thing After Another by Jessie Mathews and Richard Dolman. (I) U.S. musical: A Connecticut Yankee by William Gaxton and Constance Carpenter. (P) George Olsen and his Orchestra. (CR) Ben Selvin and his Orchestra.(CR) Peggy Lee. (CR) Judy Collins
Through all my school days I hated boys
Those April Fool days brought me loveless joys
I read my Plato; love, I thought a sin
But since your kiss, I’m reading Missus Glyn!

I took one look at you that’s all I meant to do
And then my heart stood still, my feet could step and walk
My lips could move and talk and yet my heart stood still

Though not a single word was spoken, I could tell you knew
That unfelt clasp of hands told me so well you knew
I never lived at all until the thrill of that moment
When my heart stood still