Margie (1920)
(w) Benny Davis, (m) J. Russel Robinson, Con Conrad (P) Eddie Cantor No. 1 chart record (R)1934 Cab Calloway (R) 1938 Jimmy Lunceford, Trummy Young voc. (R) 1939 Don Redman Orchestra
My little Margie, I’m always thinking of you, Margie!
I’ll tell the world I love you; don’t forget your promise to me,
I have bought a home and ring and ev’rything.
For Margie, you’ve been my inspiration, days are never blue.
After all is said and done, There is really only one,
Oh, Margie, Margie, it’s you!

[Cantor’s parody lyrics]: My little Margie,
I’ve even cut out liquor. Margie, one sip and I get sicker.
You are like a little doctor to me;
When I’m nervous, you just put me back in service.
Margie, in some café we’ll wine and dine the whole night through. And, Margie, when we’ve had our fill,
You know who’ll pay the bill, Margie, Margie it’s you.