Lulu’s Back in Town (1935)
(w) Al Dubin (m) Harry Warren (I) film Broadway Gondolier by Dick Powell (P) Dick Powell with The Mills Brothers. (CR) Fats Waller
Got to get my old tuxedo pressed
Got to sew a button on my vest
Cause tonight I gotta look my best, Lulu’s back in town
Gotta find a half a buck somewhere
Gotta shine my shoes and slick my hair
Got to find myself a bouteneer, Lulu’s back in town

You can tell all my pets, all my Harlem coquettes
[alternate: All my blondes and brunettes]
Mr. Otis regrets that he won’t be around
You can tell the mailman not to call
‘Cause I won’t be back until the fall
And then again maybe not at all, Lulu’s back in town