Lullaby in Ragtime (1958)
(wm) Sylvia Fine (I) Film: The Five Pennies by Danny Kaye
Won’t you play the music
So the cradle can rock to a lullaby in ragtime?
Sleepy hands are moving to the end of the clock.
Play a lullaby in ragtime.
You can tell the Sandman is on the way,
By the way, that they play.
Just as still–as the trill–of the thrush in the twilight hour.

So you can hear the rhythm of the ripple
On the side of the boat, as you sail away to dreamland.
High above the clouds you hear a silvery note
As the Sandman takes your hand.
So rock-a-bye my baby, don’t you cry my baby.
Sleepy time draws nigh.
Won’t you rock me to a ragtime lullaby!