Linda (1947)
(wm) Jack Lawrence (P) Buddy Clark with Ray Noble and his Orchestra. (CR) Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra.
He: Hello, cutie. What’s your name?
She: Fresh! I don’t talk to strangers.
He: Oh, I’m no stranger. Been waitin’ every evening for you to walk by.
She: Keep waitin’. I’m still walkin’
He: Oh. What’s your name?
She: None of your business
He: Pretty name, but I’ll just call you “Linda”
She: Well, how did you guess?

When I go to sleep, I never count sheep
I count all the charms about Linda
And lately it seems in all of my dreams
I walk with my arms about Linda
But what good does it do me for Linda
Doesn’t know that I exist?
Can’t help feeling gloomy
Think of all the loving I have missed.
We pass on the street, my heart skips a beat
I say to myself, “Hello, Linda.”
If only she’d smile, I’d stop for a while
And then I would get to know Linda
But miracles still happen
And when my lucky star begins to shine
With one lucky break, I’ll make Linda mine

She: Well, this is where I live.
He: Well, could I see you again sometime.
She: Maybe.
He: How about Saturday night?
She: Well.
He: Shall I pick you up at eight?
She: Okay.
He: Oh, boy. That’s a date.
She: Bye now.