Lazy River (1931)
(wm) Hoagy Carmichael & Sidney Arodin (I) Hoagy Carmichael and his Orchestra (RR) 1946 film: The Best Years of Our Lives by Hoagy Carmichael (RR) 1952 The Mills Brothers (RR) 1961 by Si Zentner and his Orchestra NARAS Award Winner (CR) 1961 by Bobby Darin
Up a lazy river by the old mill run
That lazy, lazy river in the noon day sun
Linger in the shade of a kind old tree
Throw away your troubles, dream a dream with me

Up a lazy river where the robin’s song
Awakes a bright new morning
We can loaf along, blue skies up above
Ev’ryone’s in love, up a lazy river
How happy you can be, up a lazy river with me