Just a Gigolo (1928)
”Schöner Gigolo,” 1928 by (m) Leonello Casucci and (w) Julius Brammer (w Eng.) Irving Caesar, 1929
I Ain’t Got Nobody (1916)
(wm) Spencer Williams & Roger Graham Disputed! This medley arranged by Sam Butera for Louis Prima. (RR) David Lee Roth, 1985; Lou Bega
Just a gigolo, everywhere I go
People know the part I’m playing.
Paid for every dance, selling each romance,
Every night some heart betraying.
There will come a day youth will pass away,
Then what will they say about me?
When the end comes I know
They’ll say, “Just a gigolo,” as life goes on without me

‘Cause I ain’t got nobody; and nobody cares for me.
I’m so sad and lonely.
Won’t some sweet mama come and take a chance on me.
I’ll sing sweet love songs all of the time,
If you’d come and be my sweet baby mine.
I ain’t got nobody, and nobody cares for me.