If He Walked into My Life (1966)
(wm) Jerry Herman. (I) Musical: Mame by Angela Lansbury. (P) Eydie Gormé.
Where is that boy with the bugle?
My little love was always my big romance
Where’s that boy with the bugle?
And why did I ever buy him those damn long pants?
Did he need a stronger hand? Did he need a lighter touch?
Was I soft or was I tough? Did I give enough?
Did I give too much?
At the moment when he needed me did I ever turn away?
Would I be there when he called, if he walked into my life today.
Were his days a little dull? Were his nights a little wild?
Did I overstate my plan?
Did I stress the man and forget the child?
And there must have been a million things
That my heart forgot to say.
Would I think of one or two if he walked into my life today?
Should I blame the times I pampered him?
Or blame the times I bossed him?
(spoken) What a shame!
I never really found the boy before I lost him.
Were the years a little fast? Was his world a little free?
Was there too much of a crowd?
All too lush and loud and not enough for me
Though I’ll ask myself my whole life long
What went wrong along the way
Would I make the same mistakes if he walked into my life today?
If that boy with the bugle walked into my life today?