Green Eyes (Aquellos Ojos Verdes) (1929)
(w) Adolfo Utreras (w. Eng.) Eddie Rivera & Eddie Woods (m) Nilo Menéndez (I) Don Azpiaza Orchestra (P) 1941 Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Bob Eberly & Helen O’Connell, voc. No. 1 chart record (R) 2006 film Hollywoodland by Ben Affleck
Your green eyes with their soft light,
Your eyes that promise sweet nights
Bring to my soul a longing, a thirst for love divine.
In dreams I seem to hold you to find you and enfold you.
Our lips meet and our hearts too with a thrill so sublime.
Those cool and limpid green eyes, a pool wherein my love lies.
So deep that in my searching for happiness I fear
That they will ever haunt me, all through my life they’ll taunt me.
But will they ever want me?
Green eyes, make my dream come true

Aquellos ojos verdes de mirada serena,
Dejaron en mi alma eterna sed de amar.
Anhelos de caricias de besos y ternuras
De todas las dulzuras que sabían brindar.

Aquellos ojos verdes serenos como un lago
En cuyas quietas águas un día me mire.
No saben las tristezas que a mi alma le dejaron,
Aquellos ojos verdes que ya nunca besaré.