Give My Regards to Broadway (1904)
(wm) George M. Cohan. (I) Musical: Little Johnny Jones. First recording by Billy Murray. (R) Musical: George M! by Joel Grey. (CR) Al Jolson.
Did you ever see two Yankees part upon a foreign shore
When the good ship’s just about to start
For old New York once more?
With tear-dimmed eye they say goodbye
They’re friends without a doubt when the man on the pier
Shouts, “Let them clear” as the ship strikes out

Give my regards to Broadway, temember me to Herald Square
Tell all the gang at Forty-second Street that I will soon be there
Whisper of how I’m yearning to mingle with the old time throng
Give my regards to old Broadway
And say that I’ll be there e’er long

Say hello to dear old Coney Isle if there you chance to be
When you’re at the Waldorf have a smile
And charge it up to me mention my name ev’ry place you go
As ’round the town you roam
Wish you’d call on my gal, now remember, old pal
When you get back home