Do I Love You? (1939)
(wm) Cole Porter (I) Musical: Du Barry Was a Lady by Ethel Merman and Ronald Graham. Recorded by Leo Reisman and his Orchestra. (R) 1943 Film: Du Barry Was a Lady by Gene Kelly. (R) 1946 Film: Night and Day by Ginny Simms. (CR) Ella Fitzgerald.
Do I love you do I? Doesn’t one and one make two?
Do I love you do I? Does July need a sky of blue?
Would I miss you, would I, if you ever should go away?
If the sun should desert the day, what would life be?

Will I leave you, never? Could the ocean leave the shore?
Will I worship you forever? Isn’t heaven forevermore?
Do I love you, do I? Oh my dear it’s so easy to see,
Don’t you know I do, don’t I show you I do,
Just as you love me.