Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? (1933)
(w) Mack Gordon (m) Harry Revel. (I) Film: Sitting Pretty by Ginger Rogers and Art Jarrett. (P) Eddy Duchin and his Orchestra. No. 1 Chart Record. (CR) Bing Crosby.
Something very strange and mystic happened to me
Something realistic and as weird as can be
Something that I fear somehow is now endeared to me
And what a funny feeling – odd and yet so true
Did a thing like this ever happen to you?

Did you ever see a dream walking? Well, I did.
Did you ever hear a dream talking? Well, I did.
Did you have a dream thrill you
With “Will you be mine?”
Oh, it’s so grand and it’s too, too divine!

Did you ever see a dream dancing? Well, I did.
Did a ever see a dream romancing? Well, I did!
Did you ever see heaven right in your arms,
Saying, “I love you, I do!”
Well, the dream that was walking,
And the dream that was talking,
And the heaven in my arms was you.