Day In, Day Out (1939)
(w) Johnny Mercer (m) Rube Bloom (P) Bob Crosby Orchestra, Helen Ward voc. No. 1 chart record. (CR) Mel Tormé
Day in, day out, that same old voodoo follows me about.
That same old pounding in my heart, whenever I think of you.
And darling I think of you, day in and day out.
Day out, day in, I needn’t tell you how my day begins.

When I awake, I awaken with a tingle, one possibility in view,
That possibility of maybe seeing you.
Come rain, come shine, I meet you and to me the day is fine.
Then I kiss your lips, and the pounding becomes,
The ocean’s roar, a thousand drums.
Can’t you see it’s love? Can there be any doubt?
When there it is, day in, day out.