Baubles, Bangles and Beads (1953)
(wm) Robert Wright, George Forrest. Based on a theme by Borodin. (I) Musical: Kismet, by Doretta Morrow. (P) Peggy Lee. (R) 1958 by The Kirby Stone Four. (CR) Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim. (CR) Lena Horne.
Baubles, bangles, hear how they jing, jinga-linga
Baubles, bangles, bright shiny beads
Sparkles, spangles, your [her] heart will sing, singa-linga
Wearin’ baubles, bangles and beads

I’ll [She’ll] glitter and gleam so make somebody dream so that
Some day he [I] may buy you [her] a ring, ringa-linga
I’ve heard that’s where it leads
Wearin’ baubles, bangles, and beads
All those noisy bangles and beads