BARP: Blood and Role Playing

Information and enhancements collected by Tony Lewis

Play Barp on my machine. If you encounter any problems, send a message to me.

You’re more likely to find me logged in as Tony or Fizban on Eric’s site.

Information for players of Barp

Firenut’s Barp Game Guide
(The background on the page you’re viewing was borrowed from Firenut.)

Enhancements to the Barp library (version 0.3.3)


Version 0.3.3 of the Barp library. This file contains the code. (Updated February 23, 2003)
Data files (maps, objects, etc.) to accompany the library.
“Read me” file explaining how to get started using Barp.
Official site The Barp library page from its creator, Eric Audet. If it were not for all of Eric’s hard work creating the original library, there would be no Barp
Guide to the code
June 10, 2002
This is a collection of notes I have made while studying the source code. You may find them useful. (The file is in Rich Text Format.) However, the code has evolved a great deal since I originally made these notes.

Download the God character described in the Guide

Wish list / Things to Do

The following are some of the things people would like to see in the game or changed in the library: If you have ideas to add to this list, just send a message to me.