I Found A Million Dollar Baby (1931)
(w) Billy Rose, Mort Dixon (m) Harry Warren. (I) Revue: Billy Rose’s Crazy Quilt by Fanny Brice, Ted Healy, Phil Baker, and Lew Brice. (P) Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians. No. 1 Chart Record. (CR) Bing Crosby. (CR) The Boswell Sisters
Love comes along like a popular song
Any time or anywhere at all
Rain or sunshine, spring or fall
You never know when it may say hello
In a very unexpected place. For example, take my case

Chorus: It was a lucky April shower
It was the most convenient door
I found a million dollar baby in a five and ten cent store
The rain continued for an hour, I hung around for three or four
Around a million dollar baby in a five` and ten cent store
She was selling china and when she made those eyes
I kept buying china until the crowd got wise
Incidentally, if you should run into a shower
Just step inside my cottage door and meet the million dollar baby
From the five and ten cent store

Love used to be quite a stranger to me
Didn’t know a sentimental word
Thoughts of kissing seemed absurd
Then came a change and you may think it strange
But the world became a happy tune since that April afternoon