Memorial Comments from Steven Vergara

Read by Craig Halverson

Gentlemen, Ladies, and Family of Don Lawrence.

I am here to give a speech for Steven R. Vergara from Riverside of Southern California, who couldn't come here this evening with you.

Steven wanted to share this message with you about a wonderful man was Don Lawrence.

Don Lawrence was a good man. Steven remembered him as a student in Ohlone College in Fremont. Steven got to know him more and better there.

Steven’s long time partner Ron and Steven lived close to where Don lived with his mother in San Jose on McLaughlin Ave. Sometime, Ron and Steven picked Don Lawrence up for going to Ohlone College.

Later, Don also joined former SJLSD (San Jose Lambda Society of the Deaf) and then Rainbow Lambda Society of the Deaf same as Steven. He was lot of active with treasurer and other social events. Steven and Don had a few good parties at house where Don and Tony lived. Don also was involved in many, many committees like parties, Ski Trip, St. Patrick, Christmas, Halloween and other events. He also involved in packing food bags for the people with AIDS and who are sick in San Jose.

Don helped Steven and Ron move to Riverside in 2000. He was a very helpful and cheerful man. Steven got to see him few times since then.

Steven was saddened to hear about his death. Steven did not know he was seriously ill.

Steven wished that he can be here tonight with you all to honor Don Lawrence today. Steven is sure that we all will remember him for long time. Steven will miss and love Don Lawrence as a good friend.

God bless Don Lawrence's soul. Amen...

Thank you..

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