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As I have set up this site and worked on others, I have collected some information and written some code that others may find useful.

Utilities written in 'C'
HTML and JavaScript
VBA macros
wget enhancements

SET™ Specification

I was one of the architects of an Internet payment technology called SET. I created Exelana when I thought I might become an independent consultant for banks and product vendors implementing SET. However, I will not be able to pay my bills and retire early by being the world’s expert in a technology that no one is using. My SET pages are now a tribute to a technology that I worked very hard to create. SET Secure Electronic Transaction™

Online Gaming

In May of 2002, I learned about an open-source game called BARP (Blood and Role Playing). The game was written by Eric Audet using a combination of HTML, JavaScript, and Perl CGI scripts; it will run on a web browser without any additional software.

I started playing the game and made a number of contributions to the open-source code. In June of 2002, Eric asked me to administer the online game. I had already planned to work half time during the summer of 2002 and had a long list of things to do around the house. Instead, I spent my free time during the summer working on the source code to Barp (cleaning it up and adding a number of enhancements).

About the name Exelana

My great-great-grandmother was Susannah Exeline Arterbury. I always liked her middle name (even if I haven’t always known how to spell it correctly). I first used the name when I created a female illusionist character named Exelana while playing Dungeons and Dragons.

When I thought about becoming a consultant, I decided to use the name for my consulting company. I registered the domain name for my site and even though I never started that company, I have kept the site.

Some people have speculated that the name is a play on the word excellence, which is a concept that works well for a consulting company (even if it is not the origin of the name).